Create custom front panels in only 3 steps
  1. Choose your basic shape and determine the properties
  2. Add to your front panel openings, milled pockets or other elements
  3. Generate a drawing and request a quotation.
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Front panels are manufactured exclusively in the material thickness 2.5 mm.
Enter height and width over the selection menu. Individual front panels receive their dimensions out of the corresponding input field.

1 mm (millimeter)
1 U (Rack Unit) = 44,45 mm
1 HP (Horizontal Pitch) =5,08 mm
1 inch = 25,40 mm
Hidden insert bolts can be added to 19-Inch Front Panels from a thickness of 3.0 mm.

Powder coating reduce the internal dimensions of openings about 0.4 mm. This should be taken into account while dimensioning (step 2).
588048 Configuration: